Great Adventure, 5/4/12

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Great Adventure, 5/4/12

Postby Yoshi » Fri May 04, 2012 9:01 pm

Every year I look forward to Coasters After Dark since it is a chance to get a lot of rides in with little to no waiting. Because there was a chance of thunderstorms later in the day and since the park was open to the public during the day instead of just school groups, I decided I would go to the park earlier in the day.

I planned to get to the park at opening and got to the lot at 10:15 but they had opened at 10:00 today because of the school groups. I wish I had known that since I would have gotten there earlier. Frontier Adventures also opened before 11:00 because of the school groups.

Green Lantern had a 15 minute wait and by the time I got to the station, the switchbacks at the end of the queue were already full. This was the worst ride I had on Green Lantern, possibly because the restraint was in between height levels and then locked too high up during the ride causing my head to hit the restraint during a lot of the inversions and turns. The Parachutes had 2 sides open, 1 side had a long line, the other side had no one in line and the ride op was standing around waiting for riders and after I went to that side, he went to the other queue to tell people the other side had no line. It's amazing how one group must have gotten in line to the left and then everyone followed them ignoring the line to the right that was empty. Superman had at least a 20 minute line and I didn't want to waste the time in line knowing other lines could build up while I was waiting for Superman.

Kingda Ka was closed so I went to the Log Flume which had no wait since it was overcast and in the low 60's out. Bizarro was running 3 trains with double stacking and a 1 train wait. I walked around for another ride and then went to Runaway Mine Train which was sending out trains with single digit riders. I took the Skyway over to the other side of the park, saw that Green Lantern had around an hour wait and was glad to see Nitro was running 3 trains. The line was near the 30 minute sign and took around 10 minutes. It's amazing how much difference the 3rd train makes since the line moves so much faster and even what looks like it could be a long wait isn't.

The Dark Knight was next with a short wait to get into the pre-show room and a few minute wait after that. The car stopped on the block brakes before the turn to the drop where the picture used to be. The other people in the car thought it was supposed to stop there and was part of the ride. Someone was waiting to board the ride in a wheelchair and I am guessing it took them longer to board the car and that caused a backup of the cars and the stop on the block brake. I stopped at Batman waiting a little less than 10 minutes. With it being so forceful, I didn't go back for another ride.

I went back to Nitro getting 3 more rides waiting around 10 minutes each time and then went to Skull Mountain. It was a 3 train wait for the last row. Coastin' Steve was at the microphone and every time the train dispatched, he had an evil laugh which really went with the theme of the ride well. I walked around for another ride and then went to Blackbeard's waiting 1 cycle. Adventure Alley is looking good and I have some photos of the progress at the end of the report. I went to Plaza Del Carnaval next and saw Rolling Thunder had a line past the stairs with just the right side open and I wasn't sure if 1 train was running or not. Even if 2 trains were running, the dispatches are so slow it would have been close to a 30 minute wait anyway so I skipped it and went to Tango.

The Log Flume had at least a 30 minute line so I decided against another ride and went back to Runaway Mine Train getting 2 more rides, stopping at Blackbeard's and Skull Mountain again. Nitro's line was not too far past the stairs so I went back there waiting under 10 minutes.

I had started to feel like I had enough and even though I would have liked to have kept getting more rides at Nitro and gone back to the Boardwalk to try to get some more Green Lantern rides and to ride Superman, I decided to call it a day and leave.

SkyScreamer with the seats slightly raised

Air Jumbo vehicles waiting to be added to the ride

Air Jumbo base

Deja Vu, I really like the old logos on the ride
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