Wildwood new jersey

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Wildwood new jersey

Postby insaneaboutdorney » Thu Jul 01, 2004 11:29 pm

I went to wildwood on monday june 28th, tues june29th, wed june 30th. Nice trip! Wildwood is really on the comeback.The town is booming, real estate is going sky rocket, And the boardwalk is holding on! Plans to move the golden nugget mine ride are underway. There are new rides on moreys piers. The old dark river ride has been converted to the pirates of wildwood dark ride! It was very cool. I enjoyed it very much! Dantes inferno dark ride has also been completly re done for this year. There were lots of new stunts inside and the ride layout was very much different from the old way! Jersey junkyard darkride was pretty cool the shortest darkride of the three. Went on the geat white roller coaster! Very Very wild! No brakes! Just one wicked roller coaster!! The boardwalk was packed! The town was very clean, and there was a new zamperla rockin tug on the origanal moreys pier. All three piers were open every day and night. Good trip! Hats of to the wildwoods!!!!!!!
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Postby rwk » Sat Jul 03, 2004 12:10 am

What about the Nickels, what are they going to do with the former Castle Dracula area, will they eventually build a new haunted attraction? And I hope to see Golden Nugget back in service next year on Morey's Piers. Last time I rode it was 98 when it was dino beach pier, and way back in early 80's when it was Hunt's Pier. It's a one-of-a-kind unique dark ride/coaster that doesn't deserve demolition like what happened to the other rides like the Hunt's Pier rides. (And Castle Dracula, too) Zombie World sounds like a good dark ride, and the redone Dante's, too. I don't like that the Dark River has been redone into a 'family-friendly' ride, before it had scary scenes and even a naked corpse near the end, I guess the Mariner's pier is more of a 'family' pier with little kids, so the Morey's don't want a ride that will give them nightmares I guess. The Dungeon boat ride under Castle Dracula was the scariest ride on the boardwalk anyway. Also, someone should fix up the dark ride on Sportland Pier, just above Morey's Pier, it's called Dr. Blood's House of Horror and has been defunct since 1983. There's interior shots at http://www.mrboardwalk.net in the Sportland section.

Postby coasterbilly » Sat Jul 10, 2004 9:35 pm

i've always wanted to get down to Morey's, heard so many good things about Great White, definitely have to get down there.

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