CP, June 24th '04

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CP, June 24th '04

Postby Stale Force » Wed Aug 11, 2004 10:32 am

My friend has relatives about an hour from CP so we didn't have to worry about accomodations. Got to CP at about 9:30, moderate rain and kind of cool. TTD wasn't running so we went to MF where we could have gotten right on, but instead we waited for the front, figuring we wouldn't get a wait that short for the rest of the day. The rain was a little heavier that we expected, and I'll just say we spent the entire ride with our faces buried in our arms...

After that the rain let up a little bit and we bought some nice blue CP ponchos to keep us dry. Took the skyride over to Raptor; waited about 35 minutes. You gotta love that ride...

The rain was pretty much done by now, so we walked over to Wicked Twister, which we only had to wait for one ride before we got on. That was a new experience, one that I really enjoyed.

TTD still wasn't running (we were keeping a sharp eye on it), so we rode the skyride back down to Mantis, and waited about 40 minutes. Mantis is a great ride, but it always gives me a weird feeling in my legs.

We were walking toward Magnum with the intention of riding it when we saw TTD making its first test run. So we sprinted to get in line, which was already making its way past the spectator stands. We waited outside the gates for probably an hour before we were allowed in. Then we faced about a 30 minute wait for the front seat and we were on. Riding TTD was an incredible experience, especially because I had never ridden it before (last time I was at CP it was having trouble the entire day), so it was a feeling of fulfillment, as well as the greatest adrenaline rush I've ever felt on any coaster.

From Dragster we went to Magnum, then back to MF again, back to TTD, Iron Dragon, MF again, and then Blue Streak to end it. It turned out to be a perfect day to go, because the early rain caused short lines the entire day, even though the weather was beautiful after 12:30 or so.
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