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SFGADV on july 18th

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 7:49 pm
We got there around 11:00 and there wasnt much for lines, except on S:UF.

I went on batman First, and after riding talon 17 times the day before, this coaster was boring. So i went on it once.

We walked by the chiller first but i decide to climb aboard batman, and my favorite coaster first, Nitro!

I love Nitro it is the best coaster i have riden. I got 4 laps on this coaster.

Then i went to Robin, and got one lap on that, but i should have gone there right after my first ride on nitro instead of riding nitro 4 times at first, because the line go long. I waited around 30-45 mins. for this coaster. It is such a rush and very fast.

I hit Medusa after, which was said to be closed that day, and it wasnt, so that is another thing the park did to piss me off that day. I got 2 great rides on Medusa.

Then i checked supermans line and it was to long.

I went over to the safari, and we ate lunch in the car too. I was pissed again when the monkeys area was closed off, and that is the best part of the safari, but i got good pics of rides, from the safari.

Then i went to go on Nitro but the line was to long, so i went to get a q-bot and i registered for superman and chiller and nitro.

Then i went on the raft ride. It didnt feel safe.

I then went on S:UF and it was so much better then i remembered it.

I then went to register for medusa but there was no line so i waited to ride it 2 times, and then i went back to the chiller for my appointment. LOL

I love that ride it is so cool. But the line was the same size all day except like in the very morning when i was riding nitro 4 times.

Then it started to rain so i went on Nitro for my appointment. But it was only sprinkling.

Then i registered for Nitro again, and i has to go back at 8:30 and it was 8:00 so i ate supper. Then i went back for my appointment with NITRO again, and had to walk up the stairs in the rain, i thought i was going to fall. While i was on the ride it hurt because the rain hit your face so hard, but it was cool and i mangaed to keep my eyes opened without them poping out. But i was like Iam so glad i didnt ride the chiller when it was raining. lol. When i was getting off some guy threw up right in front of me when i was walking down the stairs. It was so gross, and he was like dont eat a burrito before going on that ride. Iam thinking it is just Nitro, and i just ate before going on it too.LOL. But when i was on Nitro my parents said they saw it lightning, and i have already signed up for an appointment with nitro again for 9:15 and it was like 8:45, and it was pouring and we were siting under the roof were there is picnic tables to eat on right bye nitro's pictures. Then I saw it the Lightning and the people started to leave Nitro, i was so pissed, i had another appointment thingy already for Nitro, and one whole hour left at the park. DAMN LIGHTNING!

I was walking to bring my q-bot back, and some lady was walking up to Nitro and was like, umm i think it is closed! I was like HELLO LADY, would you wanna be 230ft in the air when it is thundering an lightning out! PEOPLE i swear.

Then some kids were running to Nitro and they passed me and i was like it is closed, and the keep running and one of them is like umm i think it is closed! So there was more then one stupid person that did the same thing.

Then when i brought my q-bot back i saw the T.V. they explained what the q-bot does, and I saw in the background, SFNE, and i didnt know they use the sameone at every park, and Iam like OMG it is about time they get some reconishtion. I wonder why they used SFNE for the q-bot but didnt use SFNE on there own commersials till this year. LOW!

So i had a really good time, and the park was better then i thought. i didnt like it back in april, and i liked the rides better this time. there was more to do this time.