Paramount's Great America - Santa Clara, CA

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Paramount's Great America - Santa Clara, CA

Postby XxShinjiSaoxX » Thu Jun 09, 2005 11:16 pm

Heh, this park was incredibly HORRIBLE!! The attractions were broken and many of their rides were closed. I guess this is normal for a park whose opening season was back in March? I would have blamed it on that, but wasn't the case at all. Their revolution was an earlier model of the ride and required alot of re-enforced pressure on the restraints of many people regardless of their size. There was inconsistency amongst where the restraints would click on each seat, so little kids got escorted off the rides and what not because of the park. Did they get a second chance? No. They had a stand-up coaster (the Vortex) there which wasn't much, the whole layout was laid before you ... not around the park. It was confined on a small mound of land and was under one minute. Another confined but well done rollercoaster is Top Gun. I loved it! Invertigo (inverted boomerang) was beautiful. The lines were incredibly long because they only have a few good adult attractions. Of course things could have gone smoother if the rides were repaired .. This is the same park that had STEALTH the first flying coaster .. but they had it relocated. Basically, the park sucked. Just thought i'd share -- what happened to my previous entry???

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