Cedar Point 7/31, 8/1

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Cedar Point 7/31, 8/1

Postby slnewbus » Thu Aug 04, 2005 10:49 am

After we went to Geauga Lake we drove in to Huron and stayed at a great hotel. It was called the Rivers Edge and it was beautiful. It is right by the river and all of these boats are going by. It is right next to a big pier and it has a beautiful pool. It has a Patio and it is really nice. It was rather inexpensive as well.

That next morning we headed to Cedar Point. We drove in on the causeway with all of the homes on it. It is so beautiful there.

We went in the park and put our stuff in the lockers by Millennium Force. We headed in and there was only a 15 minute wait. What an awesome coaster. So smooth, so fast, so flawless. It seemed to have alot more airtime than it previously had. What an awesome ride. It is one of my favorite coasters. 10/10 As we were walking out, they were about to do the freeway thing and we got a stamp for 2-3.

Next we rode the train over the Frontierland. We rode Mean Streak. No line. This is a good coaster. Not as good as I remembered. It was fun though. I hate that trim on the first drop though. 7/10

The Gemini was the next thing we rode. No line. This coaster is so underated. It is really smooth, it has alot of airtime, and it is fun. The first drop is really good. 9.5/10

The next thing we rode was Magnum. No line. The new paint job looks amazing. It makes the coaster looks so much better. They need to do this to all of Steel Force. This coaster is great. It is full of airtime. The views are really good from this ride. The views are so nice. I love this coaster alot. It was my favorite hyper, then I rode Phantom's Revenge . Magnum 10/10.

Throughout the day, TTD was having rollbacks. We got in line for the freeway for the Dragster. It was for 2-3. So we walked right over to TTD and went to use it. We got on the Platform. One of the trains went off, and it didn't even get close to the stairway around the top hat. They closed the ride at that point and manually moved the trains and got everyone off it. It was down for many hours after that. We headed out so we could use the freeway we had for MF.

MF was amazing once again. There was one crewmember that was slowing everything up. It was making me mad. If he worked at Dorney he would be moved to the Whirlybirds in Camp Snoopy. The ride was awesome nonetheless. 10/10

After that we got an awesome BBQ Rib meal at Famous Dave's (by the marina). Their food is so good.

After that we rode some water rides then headed up towards Raptor. 20 minute wait. MMMMMMMM That was such an awesome ride. The inversions are in an awesome order. The loops is great, the zero g roll is great, the cobra is great, the 2 corkscrews are great, and the helixes are awesome. It goes so fast through everything. It is such a great ride. 10/10

Then we were going to ride Maxair, but there was a long line, so we rode Wicked Twister. This is a great ride. It totally destroys Steel Venom at GL. It is great. 10/10

Next we rode Power Tower. This is a fun ride. It is really good. The views on it are amazing. 10/10

This is the end of our first day at CP. Here is the second day.

We did a bunch of rerides on this day. I will not talk about them for they are pretty much the same as the day before.

The first thing we rode was Maxair. That is one crazy ride. It is so high and so huge. You can really feel the speed on it. It was so good. 10/10

We rode the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. That was nothing special. It was a fun ride though. 6/10

We also rode Iron Dragon. This coaster is better than I remembered. It wasn't too bad this time. 7/10

TTD was broken down for a while. Then we were walking by it and it started testing. We got in a small line, and they opened it up very soon after that. We walked right on. That was great. Looking down on Millennium Force is so amazing. 10/10

We also got a Freeway thing for TTD and got to ride it again. That was great. 10/10

We skipped a bunch of rides. We didn't have a chance to ride Wildcat, and Mantis always had huge lines.

What a great couple days. We had a great time. Kennywood is up next! .

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