Off to see the mouse!

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Off to see the mouse!

Postby maeryk » Fri Oct 07, 2005 7:38 am

Welp, flying out of ABE tomorrow AM for a week or so at the Hall of the Rat King in FLA.

Will post a report when I get back.. I'm interested to see how much it has changed in the 20mumble years since I have been there.


Postby maeryk » Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:44 pm

Welp, Disney's magic is still par-none. The theming is so incredibly over the top as to not even qualify as a "park" as much as an experience.

Considering that the budget of say, a Cedar Fair or Six Flags would pretty much be blown by the time they got to the actual ride queue on a Disney layout, it is impressive.

If you have already been, don't bother reading.. :)

So.. last time I was there was over 20 yrs ago.. no MGM at that time, nor was there an Animal Kingdom, and Epcot had only opened within the previous six months of my last visit, so there were a lot of changes evident between then and now.

Probably the most subtle change was the HUGE amount of commercialization I noticed between the two trips.. last time there were stores here and there.. and rides and attractions in between.. now there are rides and attractions here and there, and stores everywhere you look. And that goes for all three parks I was at.. (MK, Epcot, Disney/MGM).

Rock-N-Rollercoaster is now my number one ride, hands down, anywhere.. it is a truly intense ride, and it is TRULY in the dark, as opposed to the still mighty Space Mountain, which is just very dimly lit. You _cannot_ see the transitions coming in rockinrollercoaster.. you just hang on for dear life.

Did not get to do Tower of Terror.. but the rest of MGM is pretty laid back, and a lot of fun. The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is just that.. a GREAT time, and the backlot tour and great movie ride are fun as well.

Magic Kingdom has changed since my last visit as well.. gone are Mr Toad's wild Ride, and 20,000 leagues under the sea, and also Mission to Mars. Mr Toad's has become Winnie the Pooh (which is kindof fun, especially if you have a 2 yr old with you, as we did), and what used to be the 20K Leagues lagoon is now Pooh's Playground and part of ToonTown.

Mission has become Stitch's great escape.. which is really well done.. and all the classic rides are still classic, if somewhat hokey, now that I am 35 yrs old. :)

Anyway.. it was an exhausting week.. especially since Monday was Columbus Day, and it was MOBBED with people.. the rest of the week was not so bad.. but for the money, I really think it is the best experience on the planet, once you factor in rides, education, transportation, fireworks, parades, etc..

And good lord.. if it exists and they can slap Mickey's mug on it, you can buy it there!


Postby UdoTch » Mon Oct 17, 2005 6:26 pm

Yeah, Disney World really is a league of its own, and it shows. Of course, all that cost spent on making it a league of its own is paid for by many of the corporate sponsers.

I recall that Rock & Roller Coaster has theming inside of it, and was full of all sorts of blacklight lite stuff. Is that still the case?

And missing Tower of Terror, what a disgrace! ;-)

And a two random questions, how do they deal with the little tike? And did you stay within the resort?

Postby maeryk » Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:02 am

Yeah.. RnR is themed inside.. "right turn" and "freeway jammed" stuff.. you still fly through the giant donut and stuff, and it debarks you into an Aerosmith store.

The 2 yr old dealt pretty well.. there were few things she could not ride: any of the mountains, obviously, tower of terror, star tours.. rockn roller coaster.. but I think she could, and did, ride everything else.. oh.. Stitch.. she couldn't ride that either. She's a really amenable little girl though.. so as long as she is with one of us, she's pretty much good for everything.. she rode a lot of it on our laps.. oh.. and in Epcot she couldn't do test track or Mission: Space! either..

As for where we stayed.. my Mom is a member of Fairfield Communities.. a condo ownership program where you get X amount of weeks a year at any one of their condo properties, and they "exchange" with others, so we actually ended up staying at a place about 15 minutes from the property called Summer Bay Resort. I HIGHLY reccomend that joint if you don't mind driving to the park every day and paying parking, and don't want to pay the absolute top dollar you will pay at the Disney property resorts.

We did do the monorail loop and check out the other resorts.. the Polynesian, where I have stayed twice before has lost a lot of it's charm.. it's not nearly as small and secluded as it once was.. there's about twice as many "longhouses" now as I remember, and it's pretty packed. The Floridian is GORGEOUS, and the Contemporary still looks like something out of a Star Trek movie.

I have to reccomend that if anyone is planning on going, get on one of the Disney Plans, which includes food and accomodations, transportation, etc. Pretzels are 2.50 and bottled water is 2.00 a piece in the parks. Parking is 9.00 a DAY, and a meal for four of us at a character dinner ended up being 93$ when it was all said and done. When you actually work out the prices you pay out of pocket (nickel and dime stuff) vs. the "inclusive" plans which cover all your food and give you the disney food card, etc, it's close to the same price to stay on the property, and without any of the hassle of a rental car, or carrying all your crap. (At any of the stores in the parks you can have your purchases delivered to your Disney hotel free.. they just put them in your room for you).

We _ARE_ going back, but not for a few years.. this ended up running us about 6 grand, all told, including airfare, etc.. well worth it, but not something we can afford to do every year!


Postby Bailey » Tue Oct 18, 2005 6:47 pm

We've been to House of Mouse 12 times and to Disneyland twice. I agree with you - it's better to go on an all inclusive package that includes your hotel stay, park passes, and meals. I believe you can still buy modified plans that include less meals (2 per day as opposed to 3).

We used to stay in a different resort each time we went and ended up loving the Wilderness Lodge. At this point, I don't think I'd stay anywhere else and we've stayed at the Contemporary, the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian, the Boardwalk, Key West, Dixie Landings, and Port Orleans. For a moderate price resort, I'd take the Port Orleans every time.

I also love the Rock n Rollercoaster. The theming is great. Too bad that you missed the Tower of Terror. Not as frightening as Dominator, but plenty of thrills. One of my favorite rides is Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom. Did you get on that one? It's the exact track and ride as Indiana Jone in Disneyland but the theming of course is very different.

Sounds like you had a great trip! I haven't been back to DW since 2002. I have since discovered the delights of Las Vegas, the adult themed Disneyland!

Postby FutureMan » Wed Oct 19, 2005 8:06 pm

Has anyone seen the new stunt show? I saw the drivers just messing around before it opened. The show opened 2 days after I left! :cry:

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