Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 15

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Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 15

Postby dpfan » Thu Oct 20, 2005 2:55 pm

Hey, I just got back this week from my weekend trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We went down to go to their halloween event called Halloween Horror Nights and it was awesome! It is open from 7pm till 2am. They have 7 haunted houses, each of which takes about 15 minutes to walk through and they have 4 fright zones. The haunted houses are so well designed and themed. The one had foam in it that was pouring down from the ceiling and you have to walk through it. Another one was in Poseiden's Fury and you had to walk through the spinning tunnel of water and every couple of people got to wear a miner's hat with a light on it. They used strobe lights in almost every haunted house. Right when you walk in the park, they have a stage set up where they are doing human sacrifices and they have hundreds of chainsaws all over the place. The rides are also open all night and most of them don't get very long lines because everyone is in line for the haunted houses. In the Jurassic Park section they had people dressed up like trees and they hid in the bushes and when they would run out, a loud noise would go off and it scared the heck out of you. I loved all of the flames all over the place and the loud music. They also had a lady that was laying in a tank of rats and every once in a while, she would move and everyone would jump. The Mummy is probably the best coaster I've ever ridden. I was not expecting the part where you go backwards and all of the flames were so awesome. The only thing is is that your room key doesn't work as an express pass for Horror Nights so you need to buy one, but it is well worth it or you will wait up to 3hrs for a haunted house. It was the best halloween event I've ever been to.
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