Is it fair?

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Is it fair that south whitehall township says dorneys coaster can't be over blank feet?

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Is it fair?

Postby coasterluver » Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:37 pm

Is it fair that south whitehall township says dorney can't have coasters over Blank Feet.
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Re: Is it fair?

Postby Jiggy » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:45 pm

I'm not sure whether to say that its fair or unfair. I think to have an honest opinion, I would want to know the real reason for the limitations. Having been in some of the meetings over the past few years, I understand the concerns for height and rescue considerations in the event of a breakdown as well as access to all parts of a ride in the case of a rescue, however I also know that there are ways around these concerns (elevators, mancages, etc.). However you also have to consider the flightpath and the proximity to a local community airport as well as a level 1 trauma center with an active helicopter system using a 1000 foot ceiling in that area.

Though I wish there were no restrictions, I also am reminded that Dorney was never envisioned to be the size that it is (I can only assume) and will forever be battling limitations both vertically and along the ground. Places like Hershey, Cedar Point, etc. were, from the beginning, designed to be huge and flat and have room to sprawl out. I also am reminded that Dorney is a family park and not a thrill park and the management must design to attract the masses which far outnumber the 1000 or so people that read on forums like this. (no insult intended)
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