Anyone know the name of the public park BEHIND dorney park?

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Anyone know the name of the public park BEHIND dorney park?

Postby Medgrl01 » Mon Dec 29, 2003 9:27 am

IT has a big hill, and some pavillions........My husband and two freinds are planning a new years eve nighttime paintball game from 5pm-7pm there and inviting 17 people to play. I believe it is illegal to be IN a public park doing ANYTHING after dark in Pennsylvania, but I could be wrong. New Years eve police will be everywhere looking for suspicious activity, INCLUDING gunshots coming from wooded areas. We own a paintball store and are about to open an indoor paintball arena and I hate to see that go all down the drain, if they get caught and arrested, so I am writing to the whitehall township police to "tip them off" but I need the name of the park,,,,Im sure they know where it is, because my husband has been busted there BEFORE in the DAYTIME because C02 is illegal to use in lehigh county. I need the name of the park to research the rules and regulation for the park on the web. Write me or send the info to
Thanks in advance!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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