Texting while driving...

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Texting while driving...

Postby N_Dub04Gli » Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:33 am

Hey everyone. So... Last night I was stuck on 476S and 95N for 3 and a half hours driving to the Eagles game (I live 45 minutes away w/o traffic). Now, typically traffic sucks heading to S. Phila for any event but it is further worsened by accidents. On my way, I must have seen a dozen "stop and go fender benders". I am sure that this is mostly due to drivers being distracted by mobile devices. I personally had to motion and yell at a few drivers behind me who were clearly texting while driving.

How do you folks feel about this? Maybe we should all pledge to not text while driving and to also speak up when we see people we know doing it. Heck, I yell at my friends and family all of the time for it...
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