Amusement Safety Organization

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Amusement Safety Organization

Postby Jason » Thu Jun 03, 2004 5:36 pm

Amusement Safety Organization Grade Service

We're looking for people to submit their trip reports on amusement parks and/or water parks that they have visited this year. The trip reports will then be submitted by my staff within a database that we will be releasing later this summer. Some trip reports will make it onto our temp database page which currently is found on the website.

About the Grade System: This is about the patron supplying information, not a trade group, regulatory system, or any kind of outside source which may tarnish or sweeten up an amusement venue which really isn’t worthy of praise or ridicule. By doing this we will begin to see trends with certain amusement venues, some for the good and some for the bad. To complete this Grade System we will be including an injury/incident database which will debut summer of 2004.

Anwser the following questions and submit your answers to: also if you have any question about amusement park safety or amusement safety in general I'm always open to answering questions...send questions to and I will try and answer all of your questions.


Date of Visit:



Number of People With You:

Time Arrived:

Longest Wait Time For an Attraction:

Shortest Wait Time:

Use ASO - Traveler Discount:

Food & Beverage Details:

Parking Details:


+ About Your Day:

- About Your Day:

Favorite Attraction(s):

Misc. Information:

Also grade the following -

Parking: A-F grade
What would you grade the parking? Was it hassle free and easy?

Food: A-F grade
What grade would you give the food?

Rides & Shows: A-F grade
What would you grade this amusement venues ride selection and selection of shows, stunt shows, etc...

Overall grade: A-F grade
What would you grade this amusement venue? Does it make the grade?

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