Program to keep track of ride counts

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Program to keep track of ride counts

Postby dannerman » Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:33 pm

Ok, I'm in the process of designing a database for the amusement industry that people can use to keep track of their rides on all rides (not just coasters). Also, since it will be something you can download, it's not dependant on a website.

Anywho, I have 3 main sections in it right now: Parks, Rides, and Ride Manufacturers. I want to get feedback on the info that you can enter for each section.

Parks: I have data fields for Park Name, Park Address, Park Country (for parks outside the US, which can be used for some reports of ride totals), Park Phone #, Park FAX #, Park Website, and Notes (for miscellaneous stuff like previous names, short history, etc.)

Manufacturers: Name of Manufacturer, Address, Phone #, FAX #, Website, and Notes (for miscellaneous stuff, including possible mergers, etc.)

Rides: Park in which ride is located (selected from a dropdown list of Parks already entered in the db), Ride Name (according to the park), Manufacturer Ride Name (for example, TopSpin is known as 'Hang Time' in Dorney Park. Hang Time is the Ride Name according to the park, TopSpin is the Manufacturer Ride Name), Manufacturer (selected from a dropdown list of Manufacturers already entered in the db), Year Installed, and other Notes (prior names, prior places that exact ride has been, etc.)

Now this data would all be pre-entered in the database when it's downloaded. To use it, you'd select a park, and then select a ride, and then type how many times you rode the ride on a particular day.

My question is this: Are there any other pieces of information related to these 3 areas that I'm missing in my development?

Note: As soon as I get it in a semi-usable form, I will post it on my website and post a link here.

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