Mark Shapiro considered to replace Kinzel

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Mark Shapiro considered to replace Kinzel

Postby Yoshi » Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:03 am ... plans.html

"Q Investments, which has an 18.1 percent stake in Cedar Fair and has forced a May 24 special meeting to allow shareholders to vote on the ability to nominate board members, said in its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has received reports that the board has considered Mark Shapiro as a possible replacement for Mr. Kinzel."

As much as I don't like what is going on with Cedar Fair right now, I would hate to see Shapiro replace Kinzel.

In the 4 years he and RedZone were in control of Six Flags some of the changes were horrible. I'll give them credit for cleaning up the parks and good operations (but not as good as Dorney's operations) but that's it. Besides massive ride removals like at Great Adventure alone they closed or removed 15 rides, I would hate to see Steel Force and Thunderhawk with ads all over the trains, mandatory lockers a focus on kiddie rides (Shapiro claimed to be focused on marketing the parks to family yet they removed a lot of family rides and just added kiddie rides) and wasted money on ride rethemes that didn't do anything to help the long term popularity of rides. They also closed the parks because of low attendance on a regular basis (one weekend they closed 3 days in a row early), often with no notice or without updating the web sites and they would probably charge for tube rentals in the waterpark like at Six Flags where they purposely only have a very limited amount of free tubes.
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