04/07/13 - Spring in the Park at Hershey!

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04/07/13 - Spring in the Park at Hershey!

Postby rotlex » Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:40 am

Love Hershey. Love that they do Spring in the Park every year. LOVED the weather this past Sunday and the sheer LACK of any crowds!

I arrived at the park very early this past Sunday with my wife and two kids. Hit the chocolate factory tour and had some chocolate covered breakfast, LOL. We were in the gates by just after 10, and headed right to Skyrush. I had not had a chance to ride it last year and I was really hoping it would be opened. It was, and man, I LOVED it. Truly a world class coaster and much more than I was expecting. I of course have to talk about the much hyped leg pain from the restraint system. I'm an average sized guy. 5'11" or so, and 185. I must admit, I was in PAIN when I got off the thing, especially after the 4th ride. I mean really in pain. I thought I had read they fixed this issue over the past winter, but if they did, I cannot even imagine what it was like last year. They really, really need to fix this in my opinion. Anyway, onto the rest of the day.

We pretty much hit every major coaster and ride at least once, and Storm Runner a few times. My only complaint from the day was that they were only running one train on a few coasters, including Storm Runner and Wildcat. I guess I can understand why with very small lines, however, I still don't understand why parks don't run at least two to keep things moving even faster.

Highlights of the day:

Skyrush - yes, it's a rush even with the pain. Dorney needs something like this NOW.
Lightning racers - Not the biggest of course, but I absolutely love this ride. Rode twice, once on thunder, once on lightning

Sooper Dooper Looper - rode twice, and got stopped\stuck on the back portion just after the mine due to a hydraulic issue - took maybe 10 minutes to fix and we coasted into the station. This was the first looping coaster I ever rode as a kid, just a few years after it opened, and it is still a favorite of mine. It's really fun to see my kids enjoy it so much. (Daughter 10 son 4). Again, how I wish Dorney had something similar. Heck, my 4 year old can ride it, and nothing at Dorney comes close for that age range.

Comet - 1st time my son rode it. Again, he is 4. LOVE this ride of course, and again, wish Dorney would down the height requirement on Thunderhawk. My sons gonna be REAL bored this summer riding only Woodstock, LOL.

I could go on and on, but, like I said; great weather, very low crowds, and everything but the flume and water stuff open equaled a fantastic day. The park was opened till 6pm, and it was plenty of time to enjoy everything they had to offer.

If Hershey were just a bit closer to our house I'd buy passes for sure!
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