Great Adventure 5/27/13

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Great Adventure 5/27/13

Postby Yoshi » Wed May 29, 2013 12:22 am

Normally there was no way I would have gone to the park on a holiday but since I was going right past exit 7A on the NJ Turnpike and it was only 30 minutes of out the way to stop (15 minutes from the turnpike to the park and back), I decided to stop for a few hours.

I got to the park a little before 5:00 and it was the most crowded I have seen it all season. The lot was around 75% full. Hurricane Harbor looked empty.

Skull Mountain's line was out of the cave portion of the queue and outside. I estimated it to be around 45 minutes, Not worth it so I went to Nitro where the line was a couple of switchbacks before the 120 minute sign. It ended up being a 40 minute wait. There were times the line didn't stop moving and other times it took a few minutes to move again probably because people were trying to leave stuff in the station which I saw happen when I was waiting in the station with the guests arguing with the ride ops causing double stacking.

The Dark Knight had around a 15 minute wait total, which I guess is the typical wait with waiting for the pre-show, watching the pre-show and then the short line in the station. I walked past Blackbeard's and the queue was 1/2 full, probably at least a 20 minute wait.

Green Lantern had what looked like at least an hour line and surprisingly next to it, Superman's line wasn't out of the station. I am guessing the ride had just reopened after a breakdown since it really seemed strange that Superman would have the shortest line in the park. Dispatches were much faster at Superman than opening weekend which was nice to see.

I walked to Frontier Adventures, stopped at Best of the West and went to Runaway Mine Train waiting just over 10 minutes and took the Skyway back to the Dream Street Station waiting just a couple of minutes.

I finished the day at Skull Mountain which now had the line just out of the station and took just over 10 minutes like RMT.

I probably would have time to go back to Nitro for another ride since it was still 15 minutes before closing but I had to leave thinking the traffic to get out of the park might be bad (it wasn't).

Although it was crowded, I was still glad that I was able to stop at the park and get a few rides in.
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