Great Adventure 6/5/13

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Great Adventure 6/5/13

Postby Yoshi » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:53 pm

I got to the park at 1:30 and saw the lot wasn't that crowded and there were maybe 15 buses.

Deja Vu had no wait so I stopped there first and then went to Nitro which was a station wait. I walked around for another ride and went to Skull Mountain which was also a station wait.

Blackbeard's was a 1 train wait and now they are giving you 2 laps like in past years which is nice.

The parachutes only had 1 side open but it was only a 5 minute wait. After I rode the parachutes I saw the wait was probably around 15 minutes.

Green Lantern had what looked to be around 45 minutes so I skipped it for now and went to Superman which was a 2 train wait. It seems like Green Lantern is now the coaster with the longest wait in the park most days now.

Kingda Ka's line was just to the end of the switchbacks with no switchbacks being used. Only 2 trains were running and it was a 20 minute wait for a middle row. When I was exiting the ride I saw the line was now in 3 switchbacks so that had to be around 35 minutes.

Tango had no wait so I stopped there and went to Rolling Thunder waiting 2 trains. Only the right side was running. I had thought a few weeks ago that Rolling Thunder is smoother than Thunderhawk, now after riding both coasters less than a week apart I'm convinced Rolling Thunder is smoother which I never thought I would say.

I wanted to get some more Nitro rides in so I went back to that part of the park. TDK was in the middle of a pre-show when I entered and I was glad to miss part of it.

Nitro was still a station wait and I rode Nitro 3 more times including 1 re-ride since there was an empty row.

Only 1 side of the Skyway was running and the wait was around 10 minutes. I rode RMT twice with no wait and was going to ride Bizarro but it looked like it was at least 20 minutes, same with the Log Flume and I had to be home by 7:00 and figured I needed to leave the park by 6:00 for that to happen (normally I would have stayed until 6:00 and not gotten to the car by 6:15 by the time I finished the last coaster ride and then walked out of the park). Because of that, I skipped both of them and checked Green Lantern on the way out of the park which was now a 1 train wait. I saw on 1 train row 2 was closed off.

It was another good trip to the park and any time I can get 18 rides in just over 4 hours is great.

Ride Count:
Nitro, 5x
Deja Vu, 1x
Kingda Ka, 1x
TDK, 1x
Green Lantern, 1x
Parachutes, 1x
Runaway Mine Train, 2x
Superman, 1x
Rolling Thunder Right, 1x
Tango, 1x
Skyway, 1x
Blackbeard's, 1x
Skull Mountain, 1x

To see the photos, there are here: ... topic=3667
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