Knoebels - 7/28/13

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Knoebels - 7/28/13

Postby dorneydude » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:30 am

It was perfect weather for any park. …about 77 degrees and low humidity. The nature of the park (trees) really help keep down the heat as well. Further the park is fairly flat with few hills, again helpful this time of year. I really can not say enough about this park. It does not have as many thrill rides as HP/GA/DP but it has several great coasters, some dark rides and other unique stuff you only find here. Of course no fee for parking. No entry fee and decent quality food.

I wanted to see the park at night so we left around 1pm with thoughts of staying till 10pm. It was busy but lines were not long. We pulled into the free parking around 3pm, maybe a little earlier. We decided to use tickets rather than an arm band. It was more economical for us since we were really only interested in certain rides. $20 worth of tickets can be had for $16 at Weis. Note other ticket/band pricing on the Knoebels website.

The 5 of us plus our dog on his first outing parked and just sort of meandered around the park. We hit the Phoenix wooden coaster which felt as smooth running as some steel I have been on and it was offering a lot of air time. We hit the haunted house…not really scary for adults…though some of the stuff is old and sort of disturbing if you ask me. We also did the other dark ride, the name escapes me but was worth it…these things are hard to find locally anymore. We also hit the Twister coaster which is simply crazy…you fly all over the place. No long waits for any of these.

The kids wanted to do the ski lift thing. I am not really sure what the point of this is but I have to tell it scares me more than ‘real’ rides. Something about knowing you can slip out from those heights…While on it we noticed motor boats. This was the only area the wait was long. I skipped it but the family with dog in hand took a turn.

Food was pretty good. They had a special on pizza after 5pm…18” pie for $12. It was a ‘real’ pizza not that dominos type stuff. It was pretty good. We also had pulled pork sandwiches (3.50 each). These were good as well but the red sauce you could dispense was not so great. My daughter had her pickle on a stick for a buck, a lemon aid for $3 and we all had soda (1.50 sm, $2.50 lg). I really felt the $1.50 soda was a rip off…..just get the $2.50 size. Other than that the food was reasonably priced for quality and the fact that you were in a park. Certain days they even have all you can past with sausage or meetballs and salad for $8!

Note that you are free to bring in your own food and drinks into in the park. We also had ice cream, a small cone was $2.50, I got a Sunday (too big – shared with dog) for $4.75. My two kids shared a HUGE $7 banana split. It was the bargain of the night. 3 could have eaten it…it was the equivalent of 3 large cones plus bananas plus toppings. No idea why more people did not get it…maybe they were embarrassed by its size!

Cosmotron was next. I had just eaten so I skipped it. I really missed that one…I had forgotten about it. I forgot to ask my son if it went backwards.

The Mahoney Brothers (?) were playing in the park. Their fare for the evening was Beach Boys music and later on Beatles music. We stopped, watched and listened for a while…especially while the kids did some rides in that area. They were pretty good. They must have been on for a couple of hours! There was also some sort of prince/princess fairly tale audience participation show but our kids were too big for that. Any of the other shows we missed so I can not comment on them but there were at least two others.

We next did the train that goes 1.5 miles back into the woods. This sucker movers along pretty fast. Again, they let the dog ride with us. Its kind of neat seeing the camp grounds and such back there. We saw the new ride similar to Dominator…sort of like its baby brother. Still the two times we walked by there were girls scared (and one crying). It looks cool lit up at night.

Flying Turns sits there looking completely built, wired up and with the cars on the track. I do not recall seeing the cars on the track last year…I could be wrong. A note says it will be ready ‘when its ready’ and they did expect issues with it when they undertook the project….contrary to what is printed, I doubt they thought it would be this long.

By now 8pm(?) the bumper car line was not bad. This is truly awesome. I am not sure where else you can go to ride bumper cars anymore. The seatbelt is merley a Velcro strap and came off half way thru…surprised they don’t have real seat belts.

We did some games. Fifty cents for a tic tac toe game…twenty five cents for a bowling ball game…yea we lost but at least the kids got to play numerous time without bankrupting us. We dropped $5 in a gigantic skill crane. DP had these at one time. We lost but did see someone win. They have two shooting galleries. One fires bbs at metal moving targets…$1. The other, is the typical rifle with the light that hits the target and causes an event. I prefer this one as do the kids. $1 for 16 shots…can’t beat that!

We saw numerous other dogs but no doggie mess anywhere. In fact the park was extremely clean and the restrooms were not bad either. The only place that was yucky was some gum stuck on the wall on the Twister coaster line…it seemed fresh…maybe that area was not hit yet by the cleaning crew.

Awesome time. The place looks cool at night….I really want to go back and ride the coasters at night next time.

:D :D :D
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Re: Knoebels - 7/28/13

Postby djw44 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:23 pm

The best weather! Nothing beats a great day at Knoebel's!
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