Hersheypark--May 22, 2003

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Hersheypark--May 22, 2003

Postby silverghost » Mon Jun 02, 2003 9:12 pm

We (9th grade) went to Hersheypark on May 22, 2003 as part of the Science Day (although happily we didn't have to do the work).

The park filled up pretty fast, but considering the fact it was mostly schoolkids, the lines were not bad. Our little group (no, dptalon135 was in another group) went first to Superdooperlooper, which had little wait. Then we hit Comet. In fact, we went on every coaster in the park except Wild Mouse and Trailblazer (which was closed). All the rides were running very well, and the ops were pretty quick.

The only other flat ride we went on was The Claw. This was a very interesting ride. Since we were waiting in line for a good half an hour, our group decided to pick the good seats. Good seats on the ride are on the edge of the circle closest to the queue line. And by good I mean being at the top of the rotation when the ride is at its highest swing.

Overall, the day was cloudy but fun, and Hersheypark was the great atmosphere it usually is. Although the thrill lovers out there may not be as, well, thrilled here as in other parks, there is always something to go on and enjoy, and if you start to get sick, you can always sit down on a bench and enjoy the sights of trees and the smell of chocolate.


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