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Postby Yoshi » Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:30 pm

Another week, another trip to Dorney

I got to the park at around 3:30 and stayed until closing. I noticed the line to get tickets was very long.

In addition to parking being raised from $8 to $9, bottled drinks from the vending machines are now $3.00 from $2.75.

Thunderhawk's trim brake is back on

All coasters except Wild Mouse had less than a 5 minute wait but a lot of flats and other rides were very crowded (Road Rally had almost a full queue).

WWL and Thunder Creek Mountain were running though neither were popular today despite it being in the low 70's. I think Thunder Canyon was running as well as I saw the waterfalls turned on. I did ride Thunder Creek Mountain since it might have been my last chance this season if we don't get another warm day.

On the stage, there was someone playing DDR and juggling with fire. I only saw a part of it from in line for Dominator but it looked amazing. Had I known that was part of the show, I would have seen the entire show.

Now for the intersting part of the trip, I was in line for Dominator and there were 6 teenage girls ahead of me. A mother and her son cut the line to join that group of teenagers. Another mother from another group in line was furious and went to the front to tell the ride grouper that they cut the line and that the person who cut the line hit her. The person who cut got angry and started cursing at the other woman and claimed that if she would have hit the other woman "you would have known it." She said it wasn't cutting because her group was in line and that she did not hit her. The other woman said she elbowed her to get past her in line. Then the woman who cut starts yelling at the grouper because he said it is line cutting. Security was called and there within a few minutes. 4 guards showed up. The family who had said the others cut left the line because they were fusturated and security got the whole group in front of me, the 6 teenagers, the mother and son to leave the line. The teeangers and mother are cursing and another mother in line says to them "I don't appreceiate the language you are using in front of my kids" One of the teenagers says to her "Shut the **** up." Security saw and heard this and then escorted the entire group out of line and hopefully out of the park.

It was annoying because the time it took for this whole situation to be handled, at least 2 - 3 cycles of the ride could have occured (I don't blame the employees or security, I just mean that the whole incident wasted time).

I also noticed that they closed the line to Talon at around 7:55. I was the last one to get in line but I'm sure there were some dissapointed people because on the train I was on before that, I heard lots of people said they planned to go around and ride again and had I not ran from the platform of the ride back to the ride entrance, I would have missed the cutoff to get in line as well.

Ride Count:
Talon, 5x
Hydra, 4x
Steel Force, 3x
Thunderhawk, 2x
Laser, 2x
Enterprise, 1x
Thunder Creek Mountain, 2x
Whip, 1x
Dominator Red, 4x
Dominator Blue, 3x
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Postby slnewbus » Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:46 pm

Let the good times roll working at Dorney Park.

Postby Yoshi » Fri Oct 13, 2006 12:22 am

I felt bad for the ride ops that were getting yelled at. They are just enforcing the rules and doing what they are told to do. This is only the 2nd incident I witnessed that was major all season (though I'm sure it happens a lot more often than that) but compared to other parks like Great Adventure where security is a joke, I'm glad Dorney takes these issues seriously.
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Postby Sandy » Fri Oct 13, 2006 4:53 pm

So many people cut in line at Dorney Park! It makes me mad too :x

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