Photos in 2.6.04
A look from the employee parking lot shows a Steel Force train sitting behind the station (straight ahead). This used to be a view of Hercules' station, lift and transfer area. A look in the other direction of where Hercules once stood.
The usual view shows only the steel structure of the turn remains.  Notice the level platform of dirt being created. A look at the drained, frozen lagoon of White Water Landing. A totally bizarre look at the Wave Swinger, naked for winter maintenance.
Steel Force and ThunderHawk.  Notice the lack of a chain on ThunderHawk's lift hill. A look from in front of Joker at the barren hill where Hercules once stood. This view looks at what used to be the dip out of Hercules' station and into the pre-lift turn.
There is now a clear view of Steel Force and Thunder Creek Mountain. A look at where Hercules once stood. A look at where Hercules once stood.