Photos in 9.28.03
The biggest news is the appearance of tree and survey markings.  This one appears behind the Camp Snoopy stage next to Hercules' station. A look at Hercules' lift approach from the hill down to Tilt-a-Whirl.  Notice the pink survey marker to the right. Another look at Hercules' lift approach reveals more survey markers.
Standing between Joker and Thunder Creek Mountain, here's a look under the second turn around, showing a bunch of survey markers and marked trees. To close out this update, here is a zoomed in look under Hercules' second turn around. Hercules' entrance and exits have now been boarded up, and the warning signs that were at the entrance are now gone.
Both trains are still on the track.  The other train is difficult to see, but it is still on the tracks, on the other side of the wall dividing the storage track and brake run.