Photos in 2.3.06
The view of the park from the top of the employee parking lot. The Swan Boats sitting at the top of the employee parking lot. The black Steel Force train in winter rehab. Pretty nifty.
Steel Force parts. The nose of a Steel Force car hiding. One of the cars from the Screamin' Swing.
Screamin' Swing seats. Parts from Balloon Race. The sign from the Little Laser.
Look at all those coaster parts! Must be the Hydra trains. A Hydra train and its many parts. Hydra parts.
More Hydra parts. One of Hydra's wheel assemblies. Hydra wheels!
A look at the separated Hydra train. The back of a Hydra seat, including the harness locking mechanism and indicator. More Hydra cars.
One last look at all the Hydra stuff. Thunderhawk as seen from the Employee Entrance. Thunderhawk.
Where Thunderhawk's sign should be. Former site of the Dorney Mansion/Gold Mine building. The building is all gone...
...except for this little patio area. Another look at the former Gold Mine/Dorney Mansion site. It looks so empty!
Musik Express is naked! Winterized Tilt-a-Whirl. Hydra. Notice all the nets and canopies are down, providing a very clear view.
Meteor all bundled up. White Water Landing drained for the winter. The stripped, winterized Wave Swinger.
Screamin' Swing. The Antique Carousel is all bundled up. The main entrance along with some Wildwater Kingdom signage.
The Chance Carousel. Laser, still there. Notice Scream Works in the background. Monster lacks cars.
The skeleton of a Tot Spot ride. Tot Spot rides. Thunderhawk!
This turnaround section is being retracked. Look closely on the left track. Thunderhawk close-up. The retracking on Thunderhawk is clearly visible in this shot.