Photos in 2.4.05
Dorney Park's new Public Relations Manager, Heather Kramer, speaks to the tour group near Coaster's Drive In. White Water Landing is drained and frozen. A look down the Meteor/Hydra midway.
Who's hungry? I spy Hydra's test seat! Meteor is also all bundled up for winter.
Here you can see the annual trash can convention, where the trash cans decide on the entertainment for the upcoming season Snoopy tracks in the snow! Dominator's cars are stripped of their accessories and the seats wrapped up.
Thunderhawk is all covered in snow and cold. A wintry look at Thunderhawk from the employee entrance gate. The Carousel's horses are all bundled up for the winter with plenty of trash cans to keep them warm.
Steel Force is ready for summer. Are you? Talon hibernates... the poor, cold steel. Talon looms over the walkway to Wildwater Kingdom, patiently waiting for summer.
We call this bizarre contraption the Wave Swinger. Doesn't look like the Wave Swinger, now does it? Talon's entrance waits for May 7th.
Almost can't tell it's winter in this shot! Unfortunately, it is. A look down the main midway.