Photos in 2.1.08
Various parts. The big tubes in the foreground are the plungers that will go at the ends of Voodoo's towers. Some fins for the Voodoo train. A brand new harness for the Voodoo train.
Sculpture of the logo to be placed on the sign. The plans for the sign. This will become the ride's sign, with a huge sculpted logo on it.
Some parts along the midway. A look at part of the site. This will be where the back (vertical) spike will be. Construction on the electrical/maintenance building that will be along the launch track.
A broader look at the electrical building. The launch track will run along here. These horizontal support beams are scheduled to start going up next week. Another look at where the rear spike will be.
Future location of Voodoo's station. Looking along the launch towards where the front spike will be. Drop Shop is being remodeled into a gift shop for Voodoo.
A support column. Ride structure. Track.