Photos in 4.9.08
A look at the site showing progress on the station and queue. This is where the queue passes under the back spike. Looking up the back spike.
A look at the queue. Another view of the queue. A front view of the station. Notice the operator booth is complete.
Another angle of the station. This pad is where the giant Voodoo sign will be placed. The entrance is to the left. A large area has been paved allowing close viewing of the launch, and I'm told seating will be placed here for Laser Refreshments.
A closer look at the paved area. What's going on at the end of the launch? Installation of the train has begun! A close up view of the first car being added.
Looking up a the front spike. All of the seats for the train are lined up and ready to go. A close up of one of the seats.
Work is progressing on the former Drop Shop gift shop, which is now known as Possessions. Painting isn't quite finished. This shop will be for Voodoo merchandise.