Hercules was a massive wooden coaster designed by Curtis Summers and built by the Dinn Corporation. As a result of low popularity and increasingly high maintenance costs, Hercules was removed at the close of the 2003 season, and replaced with Hydra the Revenge for 2005. Here you will find photos from the removal of Hercules.

For more information on Hercules check out the ride guide here.

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Can you believe a massive wooden roller coaster used to stand there? The structure from Hercules' infamous turn-on-the-lake is gone.  Only a few footers remain in the drained section of lake. Some major land sculpting has taken place in preparation for the 2005 coaster.  It is almost impossible to tell Hercules ever existed.

This quick update shows that the structure from the turn on the lake is gone, and only a few footers remain. Land has been moved around a lot, with many parts being leveled.

All photos were taken from outside the park.

A look from the employee parking lot shows a Steel Force train sitting behind the station (straight ahead). This used to be a view of Hercules' station, lift and transfer area. A look in the other direction of where Hercules once stood.
The usual view shows only the steel structure of the turn remains.  Notice the level platform of dirt being created. A look at the drained, frozen lagoon of White Water Landing. A totally bizarre look at the Wave Swinger, naked for winter maintenance.
Steel Force and ThunderHawk.  Notice the lack of a chain on ThunderHawk's lift hill. A look from in front of Joker at the barren hill where Hercules once stood. This view looks at what used to be the dip out of Hercules' station and into the pre-lift turn.
There is now a clear view of Steel Force and Thunder Creek Mountain. A look at where Hercules once stood. A look at where Hercules once stood.

This unique update provides a look of Dorney Park from inside the park during the off season. As you will notice, Hercules is for the most part completely gone, and most of the footers are out as well.

All photos in this update were taken during the tour offered to ACE members on Friday, February 6. The photos were posted here with permission from Dorney Park Public Relations.

The far turnaround above Thunder Creek Mountain is now completely gone. A closer look at where the turnaround once was. All that remains of Hercules is the turn over the lake.
Looking closer at where a huge mass of wood once was, now just a barren hillside. How much longer will this turn remain? This new view of Steel Force's helix is now visible.

The final large part of Hercules, the far turn over the Thunder Creek Mountain log flume is now gone. The only remaining piece of Hercules is now the infamous turn over the lake.

All photos were taken from outside the park.

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