Hydra the Revenge is a $13 million steel floorless coaster which debuted at Dorney Park in 2005. The construction process for the ride began with the removal of the Hercules roller coaster, and then the construction of Hydra throughout 2004. Here you can see the latter half, the vertical construction of the ride.

For more information on Hydra the Revenge check out the ride guide here.

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Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to be in the park and got a few pictures of Hydra. From my up close look at the ride and station, I must say they have done a very nice job with the installation of the ride.

These photos were taken and posted with permission from the Operations and Public Relations departments at Dorney. Thanks to Josh Hilbert and Heather Kramer for allowing me to share these here!


Thanks to DPO member Brendan (DorneyMan88) we have a few shots of Hydra testing.


On Friday, February 4th, 2005 Dorney Park hosted a winter tour of the park for ACE members. The tour went around the park, including a trip past Hydra. Here's a look at the completed circuit, as well as the progress on the station. Special thanks to DPO member Brendan (DorneyMan88) for providing us with these photos, as well as the folks over at Dorney Park, especially Heather Kramer for allowing us to tour the park and post these photos here.

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