Laser operated at Dorney Park from 1986 - 2008. Originally designed by Schwarzkopf to be a portable roller coaster, Laser reached the end of its stay at Dorney Park and was sold during the 2008 season. It is now being disassembled to ship to its new operator. This page will follow the removal process.

For more information on Laser check out the ride guide here.

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11/18/08 - First Loop Comes Down

Just as I was driving up to the park work crews were lifting the top of the first loop off. Most of the ride is gone except for the loops and part of the first helix.

11/14/08 - Half Gone

As of this afternoon the entire lift hill and first drop were gone, along with the final helix. The trains are also partially disassembled.

11/12/08 - Disassembly Continues

The disassembly process continues. The lift hill is now gone, and the removal of the drop and helix are progressing. Photos courtesy of modernphoenixv2.

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